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Who are GapFusion

We are a professional IT Solutions Provider focused on quality delivery without compromise.

We specialise in Microsoft implementations utilising the best of breed applications and operating systems taken from the Microsoft stable.

Our reputation is built on many previous successful solution deliveries to varying clients such as retail, insurance, and logistics. All of these clients have different business models, but the solution delivery never waivers from the core aspects of good reliable infrastructure.

We can work with you to appraise your existing infrastructure as it stands and then consult and guide you towards your next infrastructure milestones. The goal posts are forever shifting and with regularly conflicting media coverage it can be sometimes hard to fathom the right path and direction to follow.

GapFusion pride themselves on staying current and remaining in touch with the latest trends and methods for good, solid, and reliable infrastructure implementations.


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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the most versatile and extensive Tier 1 ERP solution available for varying enterprises. GapFusion can provide technical consultancy and architecture design delivering a scalable, resilient, and performant solution. Many implementations fail or underperform significantly due to fundamental mistakes being made in the early stages of the project. The infrastructure solution design needs to evolve in tandem with the overall solution design to ensure key processes are understood and resourced accordingly.


Without a solid foundation nothing is going to stay up for very long, making the right choice can be confusing and lengthy particularly because every solution is unique and must be tailored to your business. GapFusion will work with you and your users to appraise the right solution for you whether it be in the cloud, on-premise, or a mixture of the two with a hybrid implementation. The experience is yours to draw upon to ensure correct solution is tailored to your business needs.


Whether it be a new implementation, modifications to your existing setup, or a migration / transition project to a newer platform GapFusion can help. We can work with you and appraise what exists along with how it is performing and advise where optimisations can be gained across your estate.


Businesses change and we understand that your implementation needs to change and adapt. We will work you on your existing design plans if you have them or create a design for you after listening to you and capturing your business needs. Leave the complexity to us behind the scenes, and spend your time where it counts upfront with a simple to understand solution that is right for you.

Office 365

Enterprise level services available for individuals and companies of any size. Everybody can now integrate advanced email, instant messaging, web meeting, and shared collaborative workspaces backed by world leading Microsoft infrastructure. Nobody should be wrestling or worrying about mailbox sizes or whether their provider can support different desktop applications for email, or if their latest mobile device can allow them to work on the move. Office 365 unlocks all of this potential and GapFusion can work with you to implement a feature rich solution.

Security & Performance Audit

Everybody demands secure solutions that run quickly and efficiently. Much like a car engine, your infrastructure needs to be fine-tuned and appraised every now and then to ensure it is running at its optimum performance levels. Security is also paramount to any solution and applies to both internal and external threats. GapFusion can appraise your infrastructure and networking to see where you may need to tighten your security, and monitoring your solution performance to highlight any areas that can be improved upon.